Tips To Properly Pamper Yourself For Your Wedding Day

Weddings are stressful, you don’t have to tell me twice on this matter. And the good people here at WeddingDejaVu can tell you ALL day long to just relax, breathe, that everything will work out fine… but we know that until you’ve finally made it through the big “I Do”, you won’t truly be able to let go of every single one of the worries. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of some of those bothersome little bits of stress, and here’s a few great ways to get started:

Work It Out
I’m not saying you need to turn into “Ahhhnold” and channel your inner bodybuilder, but exercise is a great way to relieve stress, release endorphins and build up energy. If staring at all your planning notes, price lists, and dress charts are driving you bonkers, step away from the madness, throw on some sneakers and an mp3 player with your favorite tunes and hit the road for a walk or jog to clear your mind. If some group therapy is more what you had in mind, gather your girlfriends for a fun Zumba class or even a pole aerobics class (great for toning the muscles AND possibly a fun surprise for your wedding night!)

Frankie Says “Relax”
Now that you’ve put some sweat equity into your de-stressification, the next tip is a personal favorite of mine. There are few things more deliciously decadent than a full-body massage and you definitely deserve it during your planning. In addition to local spas, also check out medical offices like a chiropractor; often they will have a trained massage therapist on staff and can by more affordable than pricey spa therapists. You can also keep this on a more intimate level by sweet talking your fiancée into giving you a massage; giving both the benefit of saving money and helping you reconnect during a busy time in both your lives. A final tip on massages, if you opt for a last minute one, choose the day before the wedding instead of the morning of. You will be WAY too stressed and time-crunched to properly enjoy it that morning and will reap much more benefits by going the day prior

Beauty and the Bride
They say that beauty is only skin deep, but let’s face it; when you’re looking good, you feel good! Stop by a makeup counter at any department store for a free makeover, you’ll often get a discount if you buy products they use or can receive some great free samples to take home. Splurge on a pedicure for the double bonus of pretty toes and a relaxing foot and leg massage. And finally, I always feel better with a touch of tan to my skin. If you’re like me and love the look of sun-kissed skin but it’s either the middle of winter or you’re wisely watching your intake of UV rays? Try an airbrush tan for a great California girl look without the damage! Spray tans have come a LONG way and can give you great, long-lasting and natural-looking results without the negative health effects.

Natalie Jennings is a wedding coordinator at La Vida Dulce and Chihuahua enthusiast from the southside of Indianapolis, IN

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