Choosing The Perfect Wedding Toasting Glasses

One of the most memorable moments of any great wedding reception are the toasts. Whether written in advance and well thought-out, or off-the-cuff and charmingly awkward, these speeches are given by those closest to you and who are doing their best to convey their love and support on your very special day. A way to make sure you remember the moment is to select the perfect pair of toasting glasses. This is one “accessory” I wholeheartedly endorse a bit of splurging on, as they make for a beautiful keepsake and are always fun to get out for romantic anniversary celebrations.

The tried-and-true standard, the champagne flute, is never a bad choice. Select a pair that reflect your individual style and reception, and make sure there’s a little something special to set them off. My own toasting flutes featured stems of pearlized enamel, with intricate silver filigree and crystal work at the base of the bowl which echoed the decorations on my gown. Swarovski makes a gorgeous pair which showcases sleek lines and stems filled with loose Swarovski crystals. Along the same lines, Lenox does a stunning pair with stems filled with white or ivory seed pearls. For a more simplistic look, consider classic crystal flutes with a subtle touch of personalization, like your names or wedding date etched into the base.

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Traditional With A Twist

If you love the idea of a traditional champagne flute, but really want something different for your day, there are many options. Lillian Rose does a beautiful set which features teardrop glasses (flutes with stems that taper off to a point at the bottom), which are meant to be set into a silver base set up between the couple.  You can view this set over here on

On a similar note, you can also find several different styles of “vase” champagne flutes, with long stems that taper off without a traditional base, and are meant to be nestled into a vase when not in use. These offer a world of options for personalization, from different colored stems, to all of the possibilities for filling the vase (think floating candles, flowers, different colored ribbons or crystals).

Non-Flute Options

If the idea of a champagne flute just isn’t for you, never fear! Choices abound for those who would like to choose a more non-traditional route. For those non-alcohol drinkers, I once attended a charming brunch reception where the bride and groom toasted with fine silver café au lait cups. For those who do imbibe, but aren’t crazy about champagne, consider a beautiful pair of martini glasses (a really cool option for those couples who feature a signature cocktail at their receptions). Tropically-inclined couples could toast each other with hurricane glasses of delicious rum punch, and beer fans could lift engraved pilsner glasses. No matter what your tastes for toasting glasses, there is a perfect pair to match out there.

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