3 Great Wedding Planning Business Ideas

If you’re anything like Stephanie and I then you loved your wedding and all of the planning, excitement, madness and fun that came along with it. Not all people enjoy all of this and I would even say that Stephanie loves all things wedding even more than I do, which is saying a lot. You know that when you still want to buy wedding magazines just to check out all of the new stuff for the season you probably have some serious love for the world of weddings. Wouldn’t you agree?

Thankfully, if you love all things wedding there are ways for you to still fulfill your fascination and passion for walking down the aisle without having to actually do it again over and over (that would get a little expensive) and potentially even make it into your full-time gig. The ways that you can still get involved in the wedding days of your past are through wedding planning and other businesses that are associated. All-in-all they are all part of the overall wedding planning business — even if they’re not specifically the ones doing the planning, so all you need to do is find one of these business ideas that you can love almost as much as your wedding and you’ll be more than good to go.

Traditional Wedding Planner
One role that you can always fill and something I’m sure you noticed was very important after your wedding is the  tough task of being a wedding planner. This job is no joke and not for the faint of heart, but if you feel like you have the passion for something like this, then you should definitely go for it. So, if you feel like putting some of those hours of reading wedding planning books to good use the becoming a wedding planner could be just the thing for you.

To get your wedding planning business started I would advise that you first do a few freebies for a few of your family or close friends that are getting married soon so that you can get a real feel for what you’re getting into before you get yourself in too deep. I’m sure that they would love to have some great pro bono help from someone who has been through a wedding before and it will give you a chance to beef up your portfolio along the way.

Wedding Coordinator
Unlike a full-fledged wedding planner a wedding coordinator is someone who helps the bride manage the logistics and planning around the weekend or day of the actual wedding. If you’re someone who loved managing the craziness of  your own wedding, then this might be something that could get you pretty juiced up. Although this type of wedding business won’t pay you as much as a traditional wedding planning position would, you get to skip out on a lot of what I think makes wedding planning kinda suck. There are a lot of details that need to be decided before a wedding can happen and I personally feel like most of them should be done by the actual couple. Some of these decision are more fun to make than others, but going through the full process of planning a wedding will tell you a lot about how you and your future wife or husband can deal with issues as a team.

Also, one last thing is that if you are a big fan of variety and don’t feel like getting too attached to the wedding, the being a wedding coordinator will let you get involved enough to help significantly all without getting in too deep. This will keep it fun and strictly business, which sometimes is the best way to go.

Bridal Consultant
From what I can tell there is actually a difference between a bridal consultant, a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner — although it seems that the difference between the three isn’t that big. But, from what I have researched there is such a thing as a bridal consultant and  what they tend to do is manage very specific things for the bride (and groom, I guess) as she moves along her path of wedding planning. This type of consultant can be there just to keep an eye on your finances or they can also be there to help you find the perfect location to have your reception. The point of a bridal consultant is to have high expertise in some of the decision areas that most brides face, which greatly helps the bride when she needs to make final decisions on things.

To become a bridal consultant you can piggy-back on some of your current skills (like being a florist or photographer) and then focus them into wedding-related areas. Also, there are bridal consultant courses that you can take which will help put your wedding planning business in the fast lane.

photo credit: memoriesandcelebrations.com

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