Unique And Creative Examples Of Wedding Cake Toppers

Once you have made the decision as to what cake to have at your wedding, the last step is putting the perfect touch on it by choosing a topper. Gone are the days where you have to place the miniature bride and groom atop your cake. Today, there are some many options!

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Monogram Cake Topper
The monogrammed cake topper is probably one of the most popular and has replaced the mini bride and groom to become the new standard. It pretty much compliments any cake design without taking away from the cake. This topper also comes in a variety of styles so it is easy to find one that works. They can be silver or gold, sparkly and adorned with rhinestones or plain, in fancy scroll or block style….the list goes on and on. If this is your style, then there are numerous options and you can be sure to find something that fits into your budget and cake design.

Flowers are a great option if you don’t want to use a cake topper or if you are already using flowers on your cake. You can purchase fresh flowers from your florist that coordinate with your wedding flowers and use those or if you want everything on your cake to be edible, you can have the bakery making your cake make sugar flowers. These are more expensive, but they really impress the guests and look amazing. Either way, flowers are a great way to add color to your cake and always a safe choice for a wedding cake topper.

Unique Cake Toppers
This group includes everything else. You name it and it has probably been on top of a wedding cake. There are so many creative brides out there these days that use all kinds of cool things for cake toppers, and many companies today are making custom wedding cake toppers for those who want something more unique for their cakes.  For those who do not look just like the bride and groom cake toppers that you find in the store (I don’t really know any couple that does!), but still like that more traditional idea, you can have a custom one made to look like you and your groom.  This is a really fun idea and something that you can keep for years to come.  If that is not your style, then choose something that matches your wedding personality. A popular concept is using nature inspired toppers such as birds or bird nests. These look super cute sitting on top of the wedding cake. Bottom line, have fun with it!

No Cake Topper
Who says that you absolutely have to have something on your cake? No one. Despite everything that you may have thought, it is perfectly acceptable to have a bare wedding cake top. With the amount of designs that are often on wedding cakes these days, a cake topper can overwhelm the cake and take away from the cake’s design.  Or, a cake topper may not be your thing. Either way, do not worry if you cannot find something that matches your cake or if it is not your style to add something to the top of your cake.  Sometimes less is more.

Whatever your style is, have fun when choosing your wedding cake topper and remember, you do not have to use the miniature ambiguous bride and groom. By choosing something different, you will be sure to give your guests something to remember!

photo credits: theknot.com

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