Unique Wedding Cake Designs, Colors And Flavors

So much time goes into choosing a dress, the location for the reception, the menu, and then often times, the cake gets pushed to the side. Planning a wedding is super stressful and making decision after decision can be a very tiresome process. But, picking out the cake is the fun part of wedding planning. Who doesn’t love eating wedding cake? It can be overwhelming to make a final decision on what cake to choose because there are so many options. The good thing is if you want something non-traditional, then you are right in style for what is popular. The trend for wedding cakes is definitely changing from that of what was probably at your parent’s wedding. Today there are no rules for the wedding cake. Whatever the bride and groom want goes!

Wedding Cake Shape & Design
Say good-bye to all tiers being the same shape because the first trend is asymmetrical shapes. It is becoming more and more common to have a square bottom tier and the rest of the tiers round or vice versa. It makes the cake really stand out and looks extremely elegant. This also looks really great when the cake has lots of tiers. Another trend is a two tiered wedding cake. More and more people are opting for smaller weddings, and a two tier cake is perfect. It is even cuter when one tier has more layers and you elevate it on a matching cake stand. If you still want a more traditional three layer cake, you can still use this idea by making the middle tier have an extra cake layer. As far as design goes, you do not have to have flowers on your cake. Instead, choose something different. It is very popular to have your cake match the pattern of the wedding invitation or that of the bride’s dress. 3D designs also look great on cakes and offer some dimension that really makes the cake look unique. Basically, any pattern or design that you use in an invitation, program, or other decoration for your wedding can be an inspiration for your cake.

Wedding Cake Color
As far as color, anything goes! More and more brides are opting to not go white and are instead having a wedding cake that matches their wedding colors. Bright colored cakes are extremely popular for summer months when wedding colors include pinks,purples, yellows, and blues. Black and white wedding cakes are very popular as well, and the design really stands out with the severe contrast in color on these cakes. There is also a trend towards making your cake monochromatic. Pick your favorite color that was used in the wedding and make your cake all different shades of that color. This makes a cake that is modern while really making a statement. The perk of choosing a non-white wedding cake is that it looks great in your wedding photos and your guests are sure to remember it!

Wedding Cake Flavors
When it comes to flavors, plain chocolate and vanilla is starting to be a thing of the past. More and more people are choosing unique and fun flavors and fillings. You can do fruity flavors for a summer wedding or warm spice flavors for a fall wedding. You could also go completely non-traditional and do something really fun like chocolate chip cookie dough, cotton candy, or make your entire cake chocolate frosting and all. Some chocolate lovers even cover their cake in gourmet truffles or chocolate shavings. Remember, anything goes in today’s world of wedding cakes!

Other Wedding Cake Options
If you don’t want the expense of a huge cake or don’t want to deal with it, many brides are choosing to go with cupcakes. This allows you to have a variety of flavors and you don’t have to worry about cutting the cake. You can also customize cupcakes to match your wedding theme. This is the perfect choice if you cannot decide on what flavors you want or a specific design because you can have it all with cupcakes. If you still want the look of the cake, you can use a coordinating cupcake stand and add a small cake to the top of it so that you celebrate your first anniversary with it or mix and match cupcakes with small cakes on the tables. Guests love this option because it is so fun and different, and they double as center pieces so you save money there.

When it comes to wedding cakes, choose something that you like. It is your day, and if you like it, then that is all that matters. Everyone else only cares if it tastes good.

photo credit: TheKnot.com

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    Considering one of the photos that you often see in a wedding is the cutting of the cake then yes, brides should pay great attention to what it looks like! Some gorgeous examples here – I adore that bird cake in particular!

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