5 Unique Groomsmen Gifts That Don’t Suck (and that aren’t engraved flasks or cuff links)

There are plenty of details that need to be decided before a wedding can go off without a hitch. Decisions about flowers, decisions about outfits, decisions about guests and decisions about who’s going to be in the  wedding party. In my opinion, many of these decisions are pretty straight forward and to be quite honest they’re also decisions that will most likely be made by the bride (or the team of women who are so happy to be helping her plan everything). Of course, just because the groom doesn’t make the majority of the decisions, it doesn’t mean that the groom doesn’t make any important decisions. One of these super important decisions that must be made by a groom before their big day is what type of gift he’s going to get for this groomsmen.

Although the bride might not put much of an emphasis on the groomsmen gift, what she doesn’t realize is that the gift that you’re getting is for your homies, your boys and it’s got to be something that doesn’t suck. This means that it’s not only got to be something that will help them remember the fact that they helped out in your big day, but it’s also something that they’re not going to be happy about leaving in one of the bridesmaids rooms if they end up having a sleepover after your reception.

With all of that being said, here are 5 unique groomsmen gifts that definitely don’t suck and that are definitely not an engraved flask.

Personalized Bobbleheads

These definitely aren’t the cheapest way to go when it comes to getting your groomsmen a gift (they’re usually around $100 a pop), but they’re definitely one of the more awesome things that you could get for the guys who have your back during your wedding weekend. If you have a small wedding party it might not be a bad idea, but if you end up having seven groomsmen like I did, you might need to take out a second mortgage on your home just to get them made.

Airline Gift Cards

Ok, this idea might sound a little odd, but bare with me for a second and let me explain. If your life is anything like mine when I was getting married, I was living with my soon-to-be-wife practically all  the way accross the country from most of my friends. This is because Stephanie and I  had grown up in Indiana, but had decided to move out to San Francisco together (which was an awesome idea by the way). Even though a good amount of my friends had come out to visit, most of them were always promising that they would come out, but never actually did. By getting them airline gift cards I was basically taking away all of their excuses to come and visit me at some point in the hopefully near future. Also, you don’t unnecessary need to give them enough money to buy a full ticket, just enough to get them to buy.

Old School Pics Collection

I have done a lot of crazy things with all of my groomsmen over the years and the one thing that I can say about that is I’m glad that we took pictures of most of them. I’m also happy to have lived in the beginning of the digital camera generation, which means that I not only have a bunch of great pictures of my groomsmen, but I also have all them stored digitally, which makes them that much easier to share. For this gift idea you don’t really need to spend a lot of money, but you will need to spend some time rounding up a few hundred of some of the best pics that you and your friends have taken of over the years of knowing each other. Just find all of the pics that you can, load them up onto a CD or a USB drive and then give them out to your groomsmen so that they can have all of the awesome memories on file, too. Bonus: add a personal note along with the pics so that they get a cool surprise when they first go to take a look at them.

If you’re looking for a custom, personalized or  USB drive for your groomsmen gift, here are some good options that you can buy from Amazon:

  • Engraved 8GB Wooden USB Drive Key Chain: the wooden casing makes this a unique, personalized gift for groomsmen. [click to view/buy now]
  • Personalized 512MB Sterling Silver USB Drive Key Chain: a more classy silver look and the ability to personalize it with your groomsmen’s three initials makes this a great gift. [click to view/buy now]

A Free Tux

One idea that might not be too warm fuzzy, but would be super practical is to simply pick up the payment for all of your groomsmen tuxes. Like the personalized bobbleheads, this definitely isn’t the cheapest idea, but I’m sure it’s one that all of your groomsmen would be happy to hear about. Tuxes aren’t cheap to rent and if your friends are anything like mine, they’re more than happy to not have to cough up the $100 or so that it takes to rent one. But, just be careful when you do this because if your best man ends up jumping into the pool at your reception while stiff wearing his tux, you’re the one that’s going to have to pay for it. Don’t say that I didn’t warn ya.

Ties and Shoestrings

This might sound a little random, but I bring it up because this is what I actually gave to my groomsmen for my gift. My wedding colors were hot pink and neon green and I felt like I wanted my groomsmen to kick up their tuxes a bit, so I thought that getting them some sweet looking ties and shoestrings would do the trick. I ended up getting the ties at Express and I found the neon shoestrings at a custom shoe store in a mall out here in California. They went over great and something that made my wedding pictures look awesome, all while not costing me too much money. Also, if they wanted, the ties could of course be worn again as long as they’re not afraid of rocking the neon (which I’m sure none of them are).

Well, I hope that these get your wheels turning a bit about what you can get for your groomsmen gifts and please, no matter what you get — just make it unique, original and fun. As long as you have that taken care of you’ll be just fine and your groomsmen will be happy. Well, at least most of them (those bobbleheads are pretty cool).

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