Choosing Your Save The Date Wedding Announcements

Oh goodness, it’s about that time, eh? You know what I’m talking about. It’s about time to let the world know that you’re getting married so they can save the date. I mean, you wouldn’t want them to miss it, right? What’s a wedding with no people there? It’s definitely not very much fun and it’s definitely what you’re probably picturing in your head when you’re imagining what your wedding day is going to be like. Like most bride and grooms you would like to have people actually show up to your wedding so that they can join in on the over-the-top awesome celebration that is going to be your marriage. The way that you ensure that this actually happens is to let everyone know when you’re going to actually go through with it.

For this reason and this reason only, you need to create a save the date wedding announcement that is not only going to inform the group of people that you’re planning on inviting to your wedding, but that’s also going to let them know just how awesome it’s really going to be. Let’s be honest, wedding seasons are packed full of opportunities to go to this wedding and to that wedding, so when it comes down to decision time, you want to make sure that it’s your save the date that’s on their refrigerator and that’s on their calendar. This is why when you’re deciding on how to design and package up your save the dates you need to make sure that it screams out your type of style as a couple and something that won’t possibly let anyone forget about your big day that’s coming up.

Picking A Style That Works For You
As you have probably already figured out, there are all types of ways to send out your save the date invitations. There are magnets that you can turn into a very refrigerator-friendly reminder of your wedding details. These are fun, fairly cheap (usually less than $2 per magnet before shipping) and easy to order option for getting your hands on something to send out to the invited masses. You can even get a magnet along with the standard paper save the date option, which would allow the person you invitedĀ  to have some options as far as how they wanted to remember your upcoming nuptials. If you decide not to go with the magnet option and simply send out just paper save the dates, just make sure that they’re of good enough quality that they will last the test of time before you get married (for some couples this is longer than others).

More Photos, Less Text
If you really want to get the attention of the people you’re sending out your save the dates to there’s one surefire way to do it — use way more photos than text. When you’re coming up with all of the details that you feel need to be included on your save the date cards, try to come up with the very least amount of information that you possibly can get away with having. You might feel like you need to include more details than you actually do, which is completely normal, but just remember that these aren’t your invitations, they’re simply something that’s getting the date of your wedding out to the people who you want to actually show up at your wedding.

Once you have all of the text figured out, try to fill in all the rest of the space you have left with photos of you and your soon-to-be husband/wife. One thing that you need to remember through the entire wedding planning process is that it’s your wedding, which means that everyone who is close to you is almost excited about your wedding as you are. They also think you you and your husband/wife are the greatest thing since sliced bread, so the one thing that would really make them happy is to see photos of you both happy together. This is why when you are preparing your save the dates, you need to always keep in mind that photos are going to go a long way with how enjoyable they are to the people you’re inviting and there’s nothing more that they want to see then the soon-to-be-married couple posing randomly (and happily) together. It might sound funny, but it’s the truth.

When To Send Out Your Save The Date Wedding Announcements?
Once you know the date that you’re planning on getting married and what you’re going to send out for your save the dates, it’s usually good to get them out the door as soon as possible. This allows everyone to get something on their already too busy calendars so that there’s no possible way that they’re going to miss out on your big day. Usually the process goes a little something like this:

1. You and your husband/wife get engaged (a big ring, yay!)
2. You and your husband/wife tell everyone that you’re now engaged (surprise!)
3. You and your husband/wife get engagement photos taken (awww, how cute!)
4. You and your husband/wife select a date for your wedding (double yay!)
5. You and your husband/wife create your save the dates (use your engagement photos!)
6. You and your husband/wife mail out your save the dates so that no one misses your wedding (don’t let them forget!)

Depending on how much time you allow between your engagement and your wedding the timing on when you send out your save the dates can vary, but just be sure to do it as soon as you know the official date of your wedding (and when you have some good, new photos together).

I hope that this gives you some insight into how to think about your save the dates when it comes time for you to get them ready and if you really need some serious inspiration, check out Stephanie and I in out ‘for BETTER…or for WORSE’ save the date announcements below:

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