Finding And Creating An Awesome Save The Date Magnet

So you just got engaged, huh? First of all, I guess that I should offer you a nice, big congratulations. Second of all, you should probably start to prepare yourself for all of the planning that’s getting ready to take over your life. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work, but planning your wedding is something that you and your soon-to-be husband or wife will do together as a team (which is pretty cool). Of course, if you’re putting in all of this hard work to make your wedding a day that’s going to unforgettable, you also want to make sure that all of the friends and family that you invite are actually going to be able to make it.

Well, one way to make sure that your friends and family actually do show up is to send them an awesome save the date. Wait, even better, send them an awesome magnetic save the date. Yep, you heard me correctly, an awesome save the date magnet is just what you need to practically burn your wedding date into the brains of anyone you plan on adding to your constantly growing invitation list. Although save the date magnets are sometimes dismissed as ‘cheesy’ or ‘unclassy’, they’re actually one of the best ways to help your soon-to-be-guests keep your big day top of mind.

Why Create and Send Out A Save The Date Magnet?
There are lots of reasons why it makes sense for you to send out some magnetic wedding goodness out to those you’re planning on inviting to your wedding. A few of these reasons include:

  1. Magnets are must less likely to be thrown away as a postcard or any other type of traditional paper save the date.
  2. Your friends and family are just like you are — way too busy to possibly remember all of the stuff they need to. Giving them a magnet that can stuck on their kitchen refrigerator is an easy and highly appreciated way to keep them in the loop.
  3. Adding a save the date magnet into the mix isn’t a super expensive option with most customized magnets costing less than $2 apiece.
  4. There are lots of types of magnets to choose from and by choosing the right one, you’ll be able to give everyone you send one to not only a piece of your personality as a couple, but also some very important information about your big date.

What Are The Options For Save The Date Magnets?
There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to the type of magnets that are available for you to send out as your save the date. There are simple themes (that are usually cheaper) and more custom themes (that are usually more expensive) and everything in between, so you’ll just have to decide what types will work out best for you as a couple. Here are a few examples of what your magnet could end up looking like –hopefully a couple of them will get your creative juices flowing so that  you can narrow down a style that you think will work.

Standard Template

This is a fairly standard save the date magnet template that includes some of the basic wedding day information that you need to get out to the people you plan on inviting. There’s room for both of your names, a short message, a date and s simple wedding graphic. These definitely aren’t the most eye-catching, but they get the job done and only cost around $1 per magnet (and cheaper if you buy 100+).

Calendar Reminder

Sometimes the best way to remind someone of an upcoming date is to not only tell then the date, but also show them the date as well. This type of magnet has a themed image along with a small version of the calendar month that your wedding days falls under so that it’s even easier to remember. These magnets are also right around $1 each, which makes them more than affordable, too.

Personalized Photo Save The Date

If you’re looking to add a little more personality to your save the date magnets, then these photo-focused ones are for you. They’re full of color and full of energy and as long as you are planning on buying 100+ of them, they’re not much more than $1 each (which is a pretty good deal). Just be sure to use one of your favorite engagement photos that really show off your personality as a couple and you’ll never have anyone who doesn’t appreciate getting one of these.

These are just an overview of what’s available out there for you to choose from, so if you feel good about going the way of the magnet I would suggest doing some more research yourself so that you can find one that fits you as a couple the best. Have fun looking at all of the options and here’s to a great wedding!

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    Great article! I totally agree to – save the date magnets are less likely to be thrown away and will be regularly viewed as your guests will often go to their fridge.

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