Cute and Creative Ring Bearer T-Shirts For Your Little Man

If you have a son, nephew, cousin, brother or friend of the family that’s going to be filling the always important role of ring bearer for your wedding then it’s probably a good idea to let the rest of the world know all about it. Ok, well maybe not the entire rest of the world, but you should at least let your family and friends that are coming in for your big day know that the little guy is playing a very important role in your upcoming nuptials. After all, the ring bearer has a huge responsibility to not only transport the most important thing in the wedding down the aisle, but he also has to look super cute while doing it. Not everyone can fill this role, so the little man who does should be able to walk around with his head tall.

One way to take care of giving your soon-to-be ring bearer the credit that he deserves is to buy him a super-sweet (and super cute) ring bearer t-shirt, which I must say have become surprisingly popular these days. A ring bearer t-shirt is just what is sounds like, it’s a t-shirt that has something written on it like “I’m the Ring Bearer!” or “I’m the cutest ring bearer, ever”. They come in all shapes and all sizes and can even be bought in a baby bodysuit (or “onesie”). Some of them can even be personalized so that the ring bearer’s name get’s a spot on the shirt, too.

Here are a few of the best ring bearer t-shirts that I could find on the web and where to buy them — enjoy

Cutest Ring Bearer, EVER!
This ring bearer t-shirt is a way to restate the obvious fact that your ring bearer is the cutest ring bearer, ever. Of course you and the rest of your friends and family already know that, but sometimes it’s nice to let every other person that you see know it, too. I mean you probably can’t tell tell too many people that he’s that cute, right?
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Ring-Bear-Er T-Shirt
I saw this ring bearer t-shirt and I thought that it was too cute not to add to this list (Stephanie thinks it’s really cute, too). This is definitely one of the most creative and interesting shirts that you can give your ring bearer and it’s probably fashionable enough to wear any time of the year.
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The Ring Bearer Tuxedo T-Shirt
If you want to get your ring bearer a little more classy t-shirt then this tuxedo version is probably the one you should buy. It’s cute, it’s colorful and it’s just an all around fun t-shirt that any ring bearer would love to wear. To be quite honest I’m thinking about getting one of these tux t-shirts for myself. :)
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Personalized Ring Bearer T-Shirt
If you’re looking for a more personalized t-shirt for your ring bearer then this one is an awesome option for you. You can personalize the name and the date so that it’s customized to your ring bearer, which makes it an even cooler gift for him to receive.
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