Finding The Right Ring Bearer Pillow For You Wedding

If you’re getting prepared for an upcoming wedding then I’m guessing that you have more than enough things to think about before you have all of your planning done. There’s decisions on where you’re going to get married, where you’re going to have your reception, who all you’re going to invite to your wedding, what you’re going to serve to eat at the reception and many, many other things that you must cross off of your to-do list before you can breathe easy (or at least easier) on your big day.

Of course with all of these bigger decisions awaiting your attention, there are plenty of other, smaller things that need to be decided as well. Although these smaller decisions aren’t quite on the top of your list, they are still very important and can provide a level of detail that you and your guests will notice and appreciate. One of these things, for example, is what type of ring bearer pillow you’re going to have your little guy (or sometimes dog) use when he walks up the aisle with the ring that you’ve been waiting so long for. Like I said, getting the right pillow for your ring bearer obviously isn’t the number one thing that’s going through your head right now, but just like the flower girl basket that you end up using they’re things that people at your wedding really appreciate (and think are really, really cute).

The Standard Satin Ivory With A Bow Pillow
Probably one of the most used wedding ring bearer pillow is the standard, clean and classy satin ivory pillow with a clean bow. I’m guessing that this is the most popular one due to the fact that ivory is often used as the color of the bride’s wedding dress and that many decorations are usually ivory as well. This pillow will take care of most wedding’s needs and it’s definitely a more traditional and classy look, which is never a bad thing.
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The All The Red You Can Handle Pillow
If you happen to be in love with the color red so much that you have made it your goal in life to have your ring bearer walk down the aisle with a red pillow, then this is obviously the one for you. As long as you don’t mind the ring bearer pillow getting more attention that the actual ring bearer (or the ring itself), this should work great for all of the brides out there who aren’t afraid to take a little walk on the wild side.
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Embroidered Floral Because It’s Pretty Pillow
Sometimes it’s nice to get all flowery in a not so ‘in your face’ sort of way and this embroidered ring bearer pillow does just that. The flowers aren’t so noticeable that they’re obnoxious, they’re just enough to give your pillow a bit more of an eclectic look without getting too crazy with it. So, if you’re all about doing something different, but not something that’s going to upset your grandma, this pillow’s for you.
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Just A Hint Of Black Pillow
When you think of wedding colors, black probably isn’t the first one to come to mind, but for some brides, they add a hint of it into their overall wedding mix. So, for those of you who might be looking for a black ring bearer pillow, this one gives you enough of a touch of black with the ribbon without having to use an all black version. Not to mention this thing is a two tier model, which makes it pretty awesome, too.
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Personalized With Whatever You Want Pillow
Adding a personal touch to your wedding never hurts and with this personalized ring bearer pillow you can basically make it your own. With this particular pillow you’re able to add an initial, a 20 character line of text and a date, which gives you just enough flexibility to get all you need onto the pillow without going over the top.
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The Time To Embarrass Your Dog Pillow
If you’re awesome enough to have your dog as your ring bearer (Stephanie and I wanted to, but the church wasn’t having it) then this is definitely the one for you to take a serious look at. This dog ring bearer pillow wraps around your dog’s midsection and allows it to walk down the aisle while your ring is safely sitting on the top of it’s back. This is bound to be an incredible moment to remember no matter what happens once you strap this thing onto your dog, but whatever happens, please be sure to send us some pictures or video.
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