How Using Online Wedding Invitations Can Save You Time and Money

There are a lot of costs that come along with any wedding big or small, but one cost that always seems to hurt the most is the crazy amount of money that you’ll need to pay for the creation, printing and mailing of your wedding invitations (and that’s after you pay for and send out your awesome save the dates). Even in the digital world that we live in (I mean, you are reading a blog right now) mailing out your wedding invites is something that’s been a time-tested tradition for years and years. To be honest, the amount of time that we took getting our wedding invitations designed, sorted, labeled, stamped and mailed out we probably spent over $500 and who knows how many hours just to get them out the door. Call me crazy, but it sounds like if I could somehow avoid the whole snail mail version of sending out wedding invitations and still somehow get all of the results out of an easier, digital version I think that the payoff in the long run would be totally worth it.

I mean, think about it — the invitation are basically serving three main purposes: 1. To remind all of your guests that they are invited 2. To let them know the details that are involved (time, location, hotel options, etc.) and 3. To see what type of food they want (beef, chicken or fish?). Coming from a world on the web where information is so much easier to distribute, update and interact with I would have to say that giving up the “awww, how cute” feeling that your guest will get when receiving your invitation in the mail is totally worth it and that online wedding invitations are much better, cheaper and much more efficient option. Surprisingly enough after doing some serious research, there really aren’t a whole lot of options when it comes to sending out an online wedding invitation, but here are some ways that you could potentially go digital with your invites when it comes time.

Creating An Online Wedding Slideshow Invitation
One site that provides what they call “a digital supplement” (not replacement) for your traditional paper wedding invitations is, which seems to do a pretty good job with what they offer. It’s a fairly simple process to create an invitation and it’s a great way to give your guests a more interactive way to learn more about your relationship as a couple. You can upload up to 20 photos to show during the invite and you can also upload your own music or choose a song from the library they provide. Emailing out an invitation like this should be able to get the job done, all while saving you some money and hopefully not feeling too cheesy. They charge you based upon how long you would like them to host your online wedding invite and the prices seem to be very reasonable and much cheaper than it would cost you otherwise.

Create A Private Event On Facebook
This might sound crazy, but you could actually use the Facebook Event system to send out your wedding invites if you really wanted to. Of course it might be a little bit tougher if you have to send out invitations to your grandma or other friends and family who don’t even know what Facebook (or this whole Internet thing) even is. But, if you had a smaller wedding that consisted mainly of your close friends it could be a legitimate option. Some people like this guy who wrote about his first Facebook wedding invitation might not really know what to think about it, but I think we’re closer to using something like this than we all would like to admit.

Sending Out Evite Wedding Invitations
Some people might claim that this is a pretty tacky thing to do, but more and more people are cutting out the paper and postage and are instead using Evite to send out their wedding invitations. It’s completely free, it’s super efficient and it’s a technology that a lot of people use otherwise, so to me it’s not a bad idea. But, like I said before,  depending on your wedding situation you might want to pass on these and stick to the more tradition stuff, but if you can get away with it and save $1000 in the process, why not?

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