Great Ideas For Holiday Weddings Of All Seasons

Each and every one of us has a favorite holiday, be it Halloween with its ghosts and ghouls, Easter with fluffy bunnies and candy, Christmas with sparkling snowy trees and carols, and many, many more. One great way to personalize your wedding (and help insure your husband remembers his anniversary) is to tie it in with your favorite holiday. Frightened off by visions of tinsel-bedecked bridesmaids or ring bearers in Cupid costume? No worries, there are plenty of ways to tastefully incorporate holiday cheer into your special day, and here are just a few:

Valentine’s Day Wedding
A no-brainer for weddings, right? While Valentine’s weddings are one of the least budget-friendly options since the time of year is in such high demand and flowers are at peak pricing, it is still one of the most traditionally romantic days of the year. To take advantage of the romance while keeping control of the budget, consider touches like red or pink (one OR the other, please) bridesmaid dresses, silk rose bouquets instead of fresh, or small heart-shaped boxes of Valentine’s chocolates as favors.

Easter Wedding
While Easter can be a challenging time to plan a wedding since churches are obviously quite busy this weekend, some churches can be amenable to a Saturday service squeezed in, or perhaps a weekend or two afterwards. This is one of the two times a year when churches are traditionally the most elaborately decorated, and can save you a fortune in that respect. Keep the theme going with sunny pastels for dresses and flowers, adorable especially with flower girls and ring bearers. Baskets filled with various candies make unique centerpieces for your reception tables and are a neat twist from the usual candy buffet favors. With all the money you’ll save on church decorations, consider a butterfly release as you and your new spouse exit the church – this is both beautiful and a great symbol of resurrection and new life, perfect for both the holiday and your new marriage.

Halloween Wedding
It takes a certain kind of couple to have a Halloween wedding, but if this is your style, it can be one of the most fun for all involved. How far you go with the holiday is up to you, but if you and your guests are up for it, a costume party/wedding/reception can be a huge hit and tons of fun for everyone. For a more subtle affair, bouquets of rustic fall colors, black sashes, or bridesmaid dresses in gold and bronze tones keep things festive while keeping a classic touch. If your area has fairly mild weather at this time of year, an outdoor night-time wedding would be beautiful, lit only by the moon, torches and jack-o-lantern luminaries.

Christmas Wedding
The motherload of all holidays, it’s also a very popular time of year for weddings. It’s one that’s very near and dear to my heart as my own wedding was Christmas-themed, held the weekend after Thanksgiving weekend. A caveat for Christmas weddings, make sure to book your venues well in advance, as many groups book reception halls for Christmas parties and places can go quickly. To keep holiday cheer alive in your wedding festivities without going too “mall Santa”, keep touches classic and clean with reds and gold, blues and silver, or a clean winter white palette. Springs of mistletoe are a romantic touch, and classic holiday carols make beautiful dinner music. For a sweet finish for your reception, consider a hot cocoa station to cap off your guests’ night.

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