5 Great Flower Girl Gift Ideas For Your Wedding

If you haven’t noticed already, the number of people who are directly involved with your wedding always ends up being more than you initially expect. Don’t be alarmed if this happens to you, it’s fairly normal and considering that the people in your wedding are either great friends or family, it’s actually a pretty good problem to have. Of course, with each of these people you add to your wedding party you also have to add one more gift that you need to buy. I mean, come on, do you expect all of those people to show up and stand with you at your wedding for free?

Don’t Forget About Your Flower Girl!
With all of these wonderful people on your ever expanding wedding party list, it would be fairly easy to overlook getting all of them their gifts. Of course, it’s not likely that you’re going to forget to buy your own wedding party their gifts due to the fact that they are pretty much hanging out with you for your entire wedding weekend. But other members of your wedding crew, such as the flower girl, might be a little easier to accidentally skip out on when it comes to shelling out some cash for something she would appreciate. This is due to the fact that your flower girl is usually your little cousin or niece, which means that she’s: 1. not even close to being your age, which makes it hard to find something she’ll like and 2. going to be running all over the place and will be hard to keep tabs on. These reasons paired with the fact that you have 10 million other things to worry about might make you forget to get your flower girl a present. But, don’t worry about a thing, if you’re reading this and you need to get your flower girl a gift, all you have to do if follow one of our suggestions below and you’ll have it all taken care of.

Gifts That You Can Count On For Your Flower Girl
1. Jewelry: Just because your flower girl is a pre-teen doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like to get new jewelry. Getting your flower girl a necklace with a charm or a nice bracelet to help signify the importance of her role in your big day will always be a welcomed gift. You could even customize the gifts with engraved info about the date of your wedding so that it becomes an instant keepsake. One fair word of warning about getting your flower girl jewelry, just be sure to ask the flower girl’s parents about what they’re cool with you getting their daughter when it comes to jewelry so that you buy something that’s appropriate.

2. Clothes: It’s no secret that every woman loves clothes and I would say that it definitely applied to flower girls, too. You can either get her some clothes that don’t necessarily relate to the wedding, or you can get her some clothes that she can either wear for your rehearsal dinner or for your wedding (think shoes and/or dress). Buying these clothes for your bridesmaid will not only get her even more excited for your wedding, but it will ensure that she matches and looks just how you want her to when she makes her way down the aisle right before you do.

3. Flower Girl Picture Frame: One of the really cool things about being a flower girl is that you get to be included in some of the official wedding photography. You can help her always remember her involvement in your wedding by buying her a flower girl picture frame that will showcase a photo of you in your wedding dress and her in her super spiffy flower girl outfit. The way I see it is that you’re going to be taking the photo anyways with your flower girl, so why not give it as a gift to the person who it means the most to?

4. Precious Moments Flower Girl Doll: This type of doll isn’t going to be much of a day-to-day toy like most are, but the Precious Moments flower girl is something that your flower girl can hold on to and cherish for the rest of her life. You can even have your flower girl’s name embroidered on the doll’s ribbon bow for just an extra $7, which isn’t a bad deal if you ask me.

5. A Sweet Flower Girl Bag: Your flower girl has a lot of pressure to perform well for your wedding and to do her job right she’s going to need to have all of the stuff to get the job done right. Some of this stuff includes her outfits, her video games, her iPod, her dolls and many others and with all of this comes the need to be able to carry it all in something. That something might as well be a personalized flower girl bag with her name on it and it might also be pink and the coolest thing that she’s ever seen. She’ll use it proud the day of your wedding and will have it for many, many years to come as a keepsake of the day she felt so grown up.

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