How To Find The Right Flower Girl Basket For Your Wedding

If you ask someone who’s been to a wedding what their favorite parts of the ceremony are, I can almost guarantee that watching the flower girl walk down the aisle would be mentioned more times than not (the ring bearer and his pillow are a close second). This is because seeing a super-cute girl in a flower girl dress is just too cute for words and also seeing her dropping the flower petals from her basket is something that is very memorable (and sometimes really, really funny). Of course, when most of the people who are attending the wedding take a good look at that flower girl and her cute, little basket they have no idea what goes into finding just the right one to match the wedding. If you’re to the point in your wedding planning where you need to find that perfectly cute, little flower girl basket fear not — I’m here to hopefully help you find just the one you need. Or at the very least I’m here to point you into the right direction.

White, Clean and Square
I figured that I might as well start off with a unique type of flower girl basket and this clean, sleek and square one I think fits the bill just fine. It’s got a limited amount of color and extras so that even if you wanted to add some more color to it you could do it fairly easily with a couple of colored ribbons of your choice. Or, you could just keep it clean and let the flower petals take care of the splash of color you’re looking for.
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Satin, Ribbons and Padding, OH MY!
If you’re more into the more shiny, poofy and ribbon-clad type of flower girl basket, then this one is for you. It’s round and easy to carry and has plenty of room for more than a few handfuls of flower petals. The padded and pleated sides are soft and so is the handle, which gives this basket even more of a softer feel than it already has.
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Made for the Beach Wedding
If you’re thinking about having a beach wedding, then this is the flower girl basket for you. It balances some of the traditional things that you’re looking for in a basket while still being shaped like a pail that you would build a sand castle with. It’s still clean and sheik and it even has some sparkle so that you can take advantage of that beautiful ocean-side sunset.
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As Fluffy As You Want To Be
If you’re feeling like you would like to get a little more on the fluffy side of things, then this flower basket with flowing chiffon is all you. This basket screams ‘I love the more girly die of things and I’m proud of it!’ and if that’s going to be the style of your wedding, then why not go for it?
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Yeee Haw! Going All Cowboy With Your Flower Girl
Themed weddings are pretty awesome (at least I think so) and if you happen to agree with me in a more cowboy sense of the word, then this combo inspired flower girl basket is going to make you go buck wild. Can I get a yeee haw? This particular basket gets the point across with with a cool looking cowboy charm that’s attached to the outside of it’s all-black satin outer layer. Definitely original and definitely fun (if you’re into that kind of thing).
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