5 Custom Wedding Favors And Where To Find Them

When you’re planning for your wedding there are basically two types of gifts you can buy for all of the people who end up on your list (such as wedding party, parents of bride/groom, reception guests, etc.) — regular gifts and more personalized or custom ones. I’m sure that you already know this, but the major difference between these two types of gifts are that the regular gifts are just that — regular, everyday types of gifts that people could receive from anybody. Custom wedding gifts, however, take this to the next level by adding a layer or personalization and thought to the gift, which will make it resonate that much more with who you’re giving it to. Simply speaking, custom gifts are just a little bit cooler.

Like many things, not everything about custom gifts are positive. The two main downsides to getting custom gifts made are 1. They usually take a little longer to get your hands on, which requires a little bit of preparation time (which we don’t always have around our wedding) and 2. They are usually more expensive than just normal gifts. If you can deal with these two things, then I say go for it and go all out.

One of the gifts where a little bit of personalization can go a long way is the wedding favor that you decide to give out to all of your guests at your reception. Giving out some custom wedding favors as opposed to your standard, run-of-the-mill regular ones will be a nice touch for all of your guests and will give them all something that you specifically made for your wedding day. Like I mentioned earlier, custom wedding favors take a little longer to show up and might be a little more expensive than the normal stuff, but I think that it’s worth doing if you can get away with it.

If you’ve decided to go with some custom wedding favors here are five that I think you should take a look at buying for your wedding reception:

Super Cool Personalized Mint Tins
$2.25 each >> click to view/buy
With over 65 different designs that you can choose from these custom mint cases might just be the wedding favor you’ve been looking for. Also, depending how much garlic there is on your reception’s buffet it probably doesn’t hurt to have some extra mints laying around.

Personalized and Custom Wedding Shot Glasses
$3 each >> click to view/buy
I’m of the mindset that a shot glass is always a great gift, no matter what. More than likely it’s going to get used, it will never be left at the reception table and it can pretty much be used the instant your guests get it. You know what they say — the only better than a shot glass is a free, personalized shot glass (that’s full).

Custom Playing Cards With Included Case
$1.80 each >> click to view/buy
Just like the shot glass, I would go ahead and mark this up cards something that pretty much anyone can use more of. Personalized cards are a really fun and cool way to remind your guests of the very important part they played in your wedding and also something that will have some longevity and real-world use after they get home.  Plus, who couldn’t use a full deck of cards that still has all 52 cards in it? I know I could.

Stemless and Personalized Wedding Wine Glasses
$2.70 each >> click to view/buy
If you and your gusts are more into the wine as opposed to the liquor, a custom wine glass at your reception might be a better idea than giving out a shot glass. The stemless wine glasses look great and you can personalize it to your heart’s content, so feel free to have fun with it.

Personalized Chap Stick
$2 each >> click to view/buy
One thing that I know Stephanie couldn’t live without is her chap stick. I honestly don’t know if she could even last a day without it. If you happen to have a love of chap stick that’s even close to the level of Stephanie’s then you might want to buy a few of these and spread that love to your guests. It’s a pretty cool gift and I can’t come close to complaining about Stephanie having soft lips.

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