Finding The Right Bridesmaid Tote For Your Ladies

To the majority of women out there, being selected as a bridesmaid in one of your friend’s or family member’s wedding is a pretty big deal. It’s also quite a responsibility for each of the bridesmaids as there is literally a list of things that they are required to do once they accept the invitation to stand up with the bride on her big day. Of course, standing up there with the bride is just one of the final (and one of the easiest) things that they must do to truly be considered a bridesmaid — there’s lots of other harder things that they have to do, too. Hey, it’s not easy, but someone’s got to do it right?

With all of these other things that a bridesmaid is expected to do in the whirlwind commonly known as the wedding weekend it’s always a good idea for the bride to display her appreciation for their willingness to help her out (and to put up with her) for her. One of the best ways to do this is by buying them gifts. My thoughts on choices for these bridesmaid gifts is that if you’re going to be buying them something, then it might as well be something that 1. reminds them of your wedding and 2. is useful for them during the wedding weekend (and hopefully beyond). This is why I think that one of the best gifts that fulfills both of these criteria is something that I like to call a bridesmaid tote. The rest of this post will fill you in on what all options you have as a bride when looking to get all of your ladies one of these bridesmaid totes for your wedding day.

Why Get A Bridesmaid Tote?
This is pretty simple to answer, actually. Your bridesmaids have a lot to do during your wedding and they have a ton of stuff that they need to carry around, too. Think about it, in just a weekend they’re going to need to look good for your dress rehearsal, they’re going to need to have all of their makeup/hair stuff/etc. so that they can look good standing up there in your wedding and they’re going to need to take all of their stuff over to the reception as well (and this is just a condensed list). Needless to say, your bridesmaids will have more than enough of a need to carry all of their stuff around to fully utilize what a cute, little (or not-so-little) tote.

Pink and Simple
As I quickly found out, most of the bridesmaid tote bags come in one basic color: pink. I know that most ladies like their pink, but it became a little overwhelming once I realized that nearly every single one is one shade of pink or another (I have few that are not pink listed below in case you’re looking for one). This tote is a fairly simple way to go and has a cute, little bridesmaid embroidery included on the front.
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Usually people warn you of the bride on her wedding day, but if you’re a non-bridezilla who wants to have a little more fun with your bridesmaid gift, then this tote might be the one for you. It’s not for the serious wedding party, but if you have the right crew that can appreciate the humor, then I say go for it. I mean, it’s your day, right?
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Pantent Leather, Please
If you’re looking to shy away from the standard bridesmaid totes, then these patent leather options might be something you should take a look at. These totes are slick, fashionable and still big enough to take care of any bridesmaid’s essentials. The black look will go great with any wedding that’s got a little bit of dark color to it and the patent leather gives it a nice, classy look.
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Organic and Colorful
Not only are these bridesmaid totes organic (made with 100% organic cotton), but they are also available in 6 different colors with none of then being pink. These have a cool feeling to them and with being organic and having the most color options of any other one that I found, you can be green and have a green tote, too. Of course, if you’re not that much of an environmentalist you could just buy them because they’re really cute. Just sayin’.
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Go Big or Go Home
With this being the biggest of the totes that I found, I thought that I would save the largest for last. If you know that your bridesmaids might need a little extra room for all of their stuff, then you might want to buy them these totes as a proactive measure.  It’s 20″ wide and 14″ deep and has fun, little drawing on it that says ‘Wedding Party Ready For Action’ (which I’m sure your bridesmaids will be).
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