Fun Alternatives To A Traditional Bridal Shower Party

Bridal showers. A long-standing tradition dating back hundreds of years, bridal showers are meant to “shower” the happy couple with gifts to help get them started on their married life. If you find yourself planning a bridal shower, don’t fear that you’re limited to the traditional hokey games of toilet-paper wedding dresses, pastel mints, and ho-hum favors. Looking for some fun and unique ways to make sure EVERYONE has a great time? See below for some new twists on a wedding standby:

Channel Your Inner Picasso
I am admittedly biased to this particular tip, as it was done at my own shower, but I have to tell you that every guest told me how much fun they had and what a great idea it was. Purchase a plain wineglass for each guest (and a few extras just in case), several colors of acrylic paints and paintbrushes, and allow each guest to create their own masterpiece to take home! We took it a step further and offered martini and pilsner glasses as well for those guests who weren’t wine drinkers, but you can choose to suit your own event and the bride’s taste. Worried about the cost? You can find inexpensive glassware available at various bulk stores like Garden Ridge or Old Time Pottery, and be sure to check yard sales and auctions for some great deals!

Save Time With Sales Parties
I admit it, I forget dates. I receive an adorable invite to a friend’s bridal shower, dutifully RSVP, and then promptly forget about acquiring a gift until the last nanosecond, forcing a scramble to purchase, prepare and wrap the present in time for the party. Forget about all that fuss with a sales party offered by companies such as Tupperware, BeautiControl and my personal favorite, The Pampered Chef. With The Pampered Chef, the host can book the party through any sales consultant, and the bride can browse the catalog ahead of time, selecting her list of requested items. Guests arrive at the party, are entertained with a fun cooking demonstration, eat some delicious food, and purchase gifts for the bride from her list at the party! The gifts are all later delivered to the bride by the consultant with a list of who purchased what item(s). No need for guests to worry about a gift ahead of time! Who DOESN’T like one-stop shopping?

Lucky (Strikes) in Love
Many brides are blessed enough to have several groups of people who all want to throw showers in her honor. While parties blending all types and ages of people are totally possible, sometimes its fun to have a bash for just your pals, and a bridal shower is no exception! Love to hit the lanes on weekends? Reserve some spots at your local bowling alley and gather the crowd for a great time! Most lanes offer party specials and can work with you to provide a fun time and great snacks for all your guests. These parties are great because they take the stress out of organizing activities for the guests and also provide a nice location with plenty of room in case the host doesn’t have a lot of space at their own digs. You can tweak this event to suit whatever your hobby preferences; consider a poker tournament, volleyball game at the beach, or even a softball day at the park!

Natalie Jennings is a wedding coordinator at La Vida Dulce and Chihuahua enthusiast from the southside of Indianapolis, IN

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