Bachelor Party Planning Tips And Tricks That Work

There aren’t many things that get guys more excited than throwing together (and going to) an epic bachelor party. Of course, for the groom it’s something completely different than for the¬†friends, but for everyone involved the bachelor party is basically a free pass to go nuts for a night. Personally, I’ve gone to several bachelor parties (I even organized a couple of them) and of course I had my own before my wedding, so needless to say I’ve been around the block more than a few times when it comes to putting together an awesome bash.

A Party For The Bachelor
Depending what group of guys you’re talking to a great bachelor party can mean very different things, but the one thing to always remember is that this party is for the BACHELOR, not for all of the friends who are tagging along. This might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many times a bachelor party seems like a lot of fun for all of the single guys who are getting drunk along the way all while the bachelor has a terrible time. Whether the bachelor wants to simply have a nice cookout and just hang with his boys or if he wants to go to Las Vegas and hit up every, single club on the strip this is his party and it’s his friend’s job to make sure that he has a good time doing what he wants to do.

Don’t Go Against The Bachelorette
Another thing that is very important is that if you’re planning a bachelor party for your best bud, don’t ever plan it without first consulting the bachelorette, a.k.a. the soon-to-be wife. Unless you want to end up really getting your bachelor in trouble, you need to at least make sure that you aren’t going to be partaking in things that are really going to upset your buddy’s future wife. For instance, Stephanie forbid me from going to any strip clubs while I was on my bachelor party (which I didn’t want to go to anyways) and if I would have been forced to go to one against my will she would have been really upset with all of us. The last thing you want to do is have one night of stupidity turn into something that the wife is going to remember negatively all through the¬†wedding weekend and possibly even longer.

Pick A Date Way Ahead Of Time
The less time that you give guys to plan something the less guys you’re going to have show up at the bachelor party, it’s that simple. When I was in my early twenties it wasn’t such a big deal to drop everything and head out for a weekend, but as I get older and have more and more responsibility (yes, the ‘r’ word) it takes much more lead time to get my time booked for multiple days at a time. I know that it’s sad, but unfortunately for me and the rest of the guys who are no longer twenty-one and in college it’s the truth.

Set A Budget So The Money Can Be Paid Up Front
If I would say that there was one thing that most bachelor party organizers fail to do it would be that they never set a budget for the day/weekend of festivities that they’re planning. This usually ends in everyone trying to split up costs or arguing about what they owe at the end of the bachelor party, which is usually the time when not a whole lot of good decisions can be made. This can all be taken care of a lot easier if there is a set budget amount set before the bachelor party begins so that when each guy who’s invited shows up can pay the amount that they owe right off the bat. Believe me, this will save you a lot of time and potentially a lot of unneeded drama, which should never show up at a bachelor party.

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