Bachelor Party Ideas That You Can Actually Pull Off

When someone says bachelor party to a guy that is about to get married a lot of different things go through his head. Some are thoughts of excitement, some are thoughts of fear and some are thoughts that are brought about by the fact that he’s been warned not to do anything too crazy and/or stupid by his wife-to-be. With all of this being said, a bachelor party is time for a celebration and a time for a bunch of guys who are the family and closest friends of the bachelor to get together and have some fun. Depending on who is involved in the bachelor party planning, the party could be crazy or it could be laid back, but getting the initial ideas taken care of is the place that you need to start and as you’ll see below there are all types of ideas for all different types of people involved.

The Best Man Will Need Some Help
Before I get into details about some sweet bachelor party ideas, I wanted to say something about an the best man’s role in planning the bachelor party, which happens to be on my mind for some reason. You see, usually the tradition goes that the best man takes care of all the bachelor party details, which is a great tradition, but one that puts a lot of pressure on just one person to pull everything off themselves. I’m not saying that it’s going to be impossible for one guy to plan the entire bachelor party, but what I am saying is that people are busy and rounding up all of the guys, planning details and transportation is going to require more time than the best man has to spare.

So, what I would suggest doing is putting the best man in charge of talking to the bachelor and getting all of the details that he can about how the party should be planned out and what is/isn’t allowed (you should probably respect as much of this as you can or things could get ugly on wedding weekend), then delegating some of the details out to some of the other guys who are going to be party of the bachelor bash. This will make the planning much easier and will allow more of the guys to participate in getting the party put together, which they’ll appreciate.

An All Day Extravaganza
To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure why I just used the word ‘extravaganza’ in the title of this section, but it sounded great for this particular point. One thing that I really appreciated about my bachelor party experience was that it was an all day event that included all types of different activities and levels of craziness. To give you an example, here’s what my bachelor party day looked like:

  1. Meeting up in the morning to go boating on a lake with 15 of my closest friends. The weather was terrible, but the beer was cold and the friends were awesome, so it made for a great beginning to my day of bachelor fun.
  2. Having a cookout at my friends house. One of the great things about being one of the last guys married in my circle of friends is that a lot of my married friends have like real houses and stuff, which make for great cookout locations. This part of my bachelor party allowed me to hang out and just chill with all of my friends, which included telling a lot of old stories and catching up with what everyone’s been up to. This is what I would like to call ‘the calm before the storm’.
  3. Meeting up at a bar and taking a bus for a night out on the town. After the cookout we all got cleaned up, bought some ridiculous clothes at a local Goodwill and hopped on a school-bus-turned-party-bus, which was called ‘The Nighthawk’. At this point of the night, the guys were starting to get a little crazy and we ended up going out to several bars and having a lot of fun. We didn’t go to any strip clubs (I’m not a big fan of them and Stephanie would have killed my best man if he took me there), but instead hung out together and let loose at various bars and dance clubs that the bus took us to.

If you can’t tell, I am a big fan of this format because it allowed me to do all of the more crazy stuff that you hear about most bachelor parties, but it also allowed me to have plenty of time to get to catch up and relax with my friends, too. As I’ve gotten older I’ve put more of an emphasis on this type of thing as opposed to all of the partying, but that’s what I wanted out of my bachelor party, so that’s what I got.

Weekend Adventures
From what I have been reading around the web, getting all your guys together for a weekend-long trip or adventure is also something that a lot of bachelors are into these days. These types of getaways take some additional planning, but they will give the group that goes much more time to hang out, relax, party or whatever else they’re looking to do. Some of these group trips involve more outdoor-related activities like skydiving, whitewater rafting or camping, but others take the crazier route and book a weekend trip in Vegas, which can actually sometimes be cheaper (depending on how much you gamble and party).

The Traditional One Night Bash
Depending on time and cost restrictions there are still plenty of people out there who are just looking to do the standard one night, all-out bachelor party bash, which, of course, is still a very popular option. Some things to think about for these types of parties are:

  1. Should the guys all go out to eat, have a cookout or just meet out later in the night? Doing the dinner/cookout will give you some time to hang with bachelor before everything gets crazier in the night.
  2. How will everyone get around for the night? Driving around drunk is always a bad idea, especially when you have a large group of people. I would suggest biting the bullet and lining up a limo or bus that can pick you all up and take you to wherever you would like to go. The last thing you need is to get someone hurt, lost or arrested.
  3. How do you spice up the night? This party is all about taking out your buddy for his last single party on the town, so you need to make sure that you do all that you can to ensure that the night will be remembered for a long time to come. Dressing up ridiculously always helps and making the bachelor do embarrassing things all night doesn’t hurt, either.

Although one night doesn’t seem like a long time, you can still pack in a lot of stuff and have a crazy, fun time. Just be safe and don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do.

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