5 Awesome and Affordable Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

When it comes to your wedding, there’s something that you’ll probably pick up on quick — there are lots of gifts involved. Of course, usually the best gifts are reserved for you since you’re the one who’s actually getting married, which is a good thing because being the soon-to-be-married couple also means that you are practically required to buy lots of gifts for others, too. Some of these gifts will include groomsmen gifts, bridesmaid gifts and believe it or not, even flower girl gifts. The funny thing is, these are all examples of gifts that you’ll give away before your wedding has even started. I know, it seems a little crazy, right?

One of the gifts that you’ll also need to pick up are the ones that you’ll be giving away to your guests after you finish up with your wedding. But, to ease the pain of buying something for every, single person who will be at your wedding reception these gifts are actually called wedding favors, which I guess means that you don’t have to spend as much on them…or something like that.

Hey, all I’m saying is that when you have to buy 100+ of these things, the cheaper these things are, the better. When choosing what wedding favors you’re going to give out you don’t ever want to be seen as a cheapskate and giving away cool wedding favors will always leave a good impression on your guests, so be sure not to get too ghetto with it. Personally, I would rather not give out anything at all then give away something that is seen as a cheap piece of you-know-what, so just be careful when choosing. Bottom line: don’t let a few bucks get in the way of giving your guests something cool that will always help them remember your big day.

To help you out I went out and scoured the Internet for five really cool, yet affordable wedding favors that you can buy for your wedding guests. Each of these will definitely do the trick all while leaving you with not only a clear conscience, but also a budget that’s in check.

Elegant, Yet Simple Silver Picture Frame/Placeholder
50 for $60 / $1.20 each >> click to view/buy
When looking through some of the many, many wedding favors that are available to choose from, a nice, classy frame seemed to be one of the hottest. One of the cool things about this frame is that you can either fill it with a photo of you and your soon-to-be husband or wife or you can also use it as a way to display the seating placeholders at each table.

Cute “Mint To Be” Bride And Groom Mints
72 for $112 / $1.55 each >> click to view/buy
If you going for more of a cute than classy feel at your wedding reception, then these bride and groom “Mint To Be” mint cases are definitely for you. They’re fun, creative and can be used by your guests to help them fight off the garlic from the buffet food they just ate at your reception.

Forever Photo Frosted Glass Coaster Frames
50 for $84 / $1.68 each >> click to view/buy
You can go ahead and file this into the classy, yet still very useful category seeing as people can never have too many coasters in their lives. Once again you can fill the coaster frames with a photo of you (the happy couple), a name placeholder for the table or you can also leave the elegant looking “For You” filler that they come packaged with.

Lucky Elephant Tea Light And Name Card Holder
50 for $127 / $2.54 each
>> click to view/buy
I really like the¬†eclectic feel of these elephants and even though they’re getting a little up there in price, I still think that they’re affordable considering what you get out of the deal. Cool looking elephant? Check. Candle holder that will set the mood? Check. Name tag holder? Check. Yep, it’s not only cool, but very handy and useful at the same time. What else could you ask for?

“It’s About Time! Let’s Celebrate” Champagne Bucket Cooking Timer

24 for $95 / $3.95 each >> click to view/buy
I saved the most expensive (aka ‘least affordable’) wedding favor for last, but I really, really like this one so I had to throw it on the list. One other thing that you should think about when looking at wedding favors is the potential longevity of the gift. Meaning, how long will the person who receives the gift actually be able to use it? I feel like with this wedding favor’s potential for longevity is off the chart due to the fact that nearly everyone needs a cooking timer — especially a timer that they get to take home from your wedding! Anyways, this gift will cost you some more cash, but I think that the extra money will pay off in the end since your guests will actually be able to use it for years to come.

A huge thanks to myweddingfavors.com for helping with the research!

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